How to buy on ?
Here is all the information on how to buy on
Shipping cost
For shipping in Italy:
From 0 to 3 Kg - € 5,90
From 3 to 15 Kg - € 10,90
From 15 to 30 Kg - € 17,90
Shipping is done through Poste Italiane.
How long does it take to deliver the products?
It usually takes 3-4 working days. The delivering time is indicative, since for, there is no possibility in controlling the delivering time, our part is to despatch the items ordered as soon as they are available.
What happens in the hypothesis I am not at home, when the items ordered are delivered?
The courier will leave You a message, with this you can contact him and agree when to get the items delivered again. In these circumstances, it is better to use a work/office address to make easier the delivery.
What kind of warranty is available on products?
The content of our products are strictly related to the ingredients labels on.
Can I return a product?
Your Right

Every product on has warranty for the right to return by D.L. 15 Gennaio 1992 n.50. e D.L. 22 Maggio 1999 n. 185. Therefore, the costumer has the right to return an item within 10 (ten) days after the product has been received. La Clinique de la Mer Srl. Offers You all the necessary assistance to the returning or the changing of purchased products.

How to exercise the right of returning a purchased

Send within 10 (ten) days of the receiving of the product with a registered mail and a note regarding the receiving of the item(s), containing:
The willingness of using the item received, by D.L. 15 january 1992 n.50.
Indication of the product for which You may decide to exercise the right to return.
The refercnce number of the item, realised when the product is purchased (order number).

The information regarding your bank account (bank's name, IBAN, etc..).

Address where send the return request:
Via Segesta, 2/B
00179 Roma (RM)

To obtain the refund, the customers will have to send back to the sender, the product that wants to return with the stamp delivery/form of postal delivery, attached to the product at the first delivery. The deadline to return the product cannot exceed the 10(ten) days.

The products have to be returned intact in their original package and with an adequate external packaging. In absense of the requirements wrote above, the products will be rejected and sent back to the sender.

Refund of the amount

RIVKA ROSENTZWIG Will provide to the refund through the cancellation of the purchase or a net transfer of the shipments incurred, within thirty days from the receving of the items for which the customer has exercised the right to return.
The right to return a purchased item is granted by D.L. n.50 del 15 January 1992 Art. 3 2nd comma, for amounts that at the net of any additional charges, will exceed 25,00€. Necessary requirements to exercise the right to return is the integrity of the product and its package.

After the shipment, can I keep track of the package?
Yes, You may keep track of the shipment status thanks to a number that will be comunicated to You in an email by
Can i pick in store?
Not, at this moment is not available a pick & pay service.
Can I change my personal data?
You can change all your personal data in the "Members area" page.
How are used my personal data?
Your personal data is used only for shipping purpose.
Why am I asked to release my number?
We need your number in order to contact you if any problems come up with the order, and to the courier to contact you in case of problems with the delivery.
Where is the registration page?
If You are a new customer, please register now.
Why I have to register in order to purchase from your website?
The registration is needed to identify you, to avoid the customer to fill in his/her details for every purchase, to have a unique identifier that is needed for the E-commerce procedure.
Why I have to insert a Username and Password?
This is a security rule so all customers must have an unique account with secret Username and Password.
What kind of Username and Password I must use?
Please don't use a simple USERNAME and PASSWORD so Your personal data will remain secure.
I lost my Password/Username
Simple, go to the Password Reminder page and use your E-mail address to recover all login information..
How can I cancel an order?
If you have decided to cancel an order, then it is better to contact us as soon as possible at the mobile number +39 328.0173383. You may inform us of your willingness to cancel an order, providing us with the information about your order. (n. Of order, amount, date)..